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We are offering a beautifully engraved, metallic double shot-measure with every bottle of Russian Standard (while stocks last).

At the heart of Russian Standard Vodka is the man who created it, Russian entrepreneur Roustam Tariko.

Russian Standard Vodka is Russia’s number one
premium vodka, and you can find it in more than
80 countries around the world.

Their vodka specialists have developed a proprietary distillation process which retains the natural sensory character of the
pure spirit, and filters out impurities.

Controlled at all stages of its production, the Super Luxe grade spirit passes through over 200 distillation stages.

Russian birch charcoal filters are employed as they have a catalytic quality, forming esters that help to mellow the taste and bring up the aroma to
eliminate sharp burn or bitter notes in the after taste. Russian Standard's Urals Mountains quartz crystal filtration process creates static electricity that alters the molecular structure to give the
vodka a smoother taste. They also use silver, which is an effective antimicrobial agent,
to further refine the vodka.

Every bottle of Russian Standard Vodka comes with a Certificate of Origin – a guarantee issued by the Russian government that the vodka is 100% Russian. Produced in Russia from Russian ingredients. Bottled in Russia, at their distillery in St. Petersburg. All according to the highest standards of vodka production.

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